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Michael L. Keene

Michael L. Keene

Professor Emeritus - deceased


B.A., M.A., University of Oklahoma
Ph.D., University of Texas


  • Seeing the American Woman, 1880-1920: The Social Impact of the Visual Media Explosion, with Kate Adams and Jennifer C. Koella. (McFarland Press, 2012)
  • Alice Paul: The Campaign for Suffrage, with Kate Adams. (University of Illinois Press, 2007)
  • The Easy Access Handbook, with Kate Adams. (McGraw-Hill, 2001, 2003, 2005)
  • Instant Access, with Kate Adams (McGraw Hill, 2003)
  • Successful Writing, 5th edition, with Maxine Hairston (Norton, 2003)
  • Against the Grain: Volume in Honor of Maxine Hairston, editor (Hampton Press, 2002)
  • Research and Writing Across the Disciplines, with Kate Adams (Mayfield Press, 2000)
  • Teaching Scientific and Technical Communication: Academic Programs That Work, editor (Society for Technical Communication, 1997)
  • Mayfield’s Quick View Guide to the Internet for Students of English, with Jennifer Campbell (Mayfield Press, 1997, 1999)
  • The Easy Access Handbook, with Kate Adams (Mayfield Press, 1996, 1998)
  • A Short Guide to Business Writing, with Russel K. Hirst and Harry J. Bruce (Prentice-Hall, 1994)
  • The Heath Guide to College Writing, with Ralph F. Voss (D.C. Heath and Company, 1992; 2nd ed., 1994)
  • Effective Professional Writing (D.C. Heath and Company, 1987; 2nd ed., 1992)
  • Writing Scientific Papers and Reports, with W. Paul Jones, Revised Eighth Edition (Dubuque, Iowa; William C. Brown Company Publishers, 1981)

Representative articles

  • “Teaching from Behind,” in The Art of College Teaching: 28 Takes, Marilyn Kallet and April Morgan eds. (U. Tennessee Press, 2005), 85-92
  • “Against the Wind: Teaching Composition in the ‘Post-Process’ Era” (with Ralph Voss) inAgainst the Grain: A Volume in Honor of Maxine Hairston, eds. Jolliffe, Keene, Trachsel, and Voss (Hampton Press, 2002), 249-277
  • “The Church on the Web,” Christian Century, 116, 22 (August 11-18, 1999), 774-778
  • “Cross-Cultural Technical Communication,” with John R. Webb, for Exploring the Rhetoric of International Professional Communication, ed. Carl Lovitt and Dixie Goswami (Baywood, 1998), 81-110
  • “The Production and Use of Information among Aerospace Engineering Professionals and Students: Cross-National Analysis,” with John R. Webb, in Knowledge Diffusion in the U.S. Aerospace Industry, Part B (Ablex: Greenwich, Conn., 1997), 467-521
  • “Conclusion: Issues of Quality” in Education in Scientific and Technical Communication: Academic Programs That Work, Michael Keene, ed. (STC: Arlington, VA, 1997), 183-196
  • “Writing a Mainstream Composition Textbook,” with Ralph Voss, in Publishing in Rhetoric and Composition, Gary Olson, ed. (SUNY: Albany, NY 1997) 119-13
  • “From Student to Entry-Level Professional: Examining the Role of Language and Written Communications in the Reacculturation of Aerospace Engineering Students,” with Thom Pinelli et al., Technical Communication 42 (August 1995), 492-503
  • “The NEW ‘Politics of Composition’ and the OLD Need to ‘Take Care of Business,'” with Ralph F. Voss, Dialogue 2 (Spring 1995), 53-64
  • “The Technical Communications Practices of Russian and U.S. Aerospace Engineers and Scientists,” with Thomas Pinelli et al., IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 36.2 (June 1993), 95-104
  • “The Impact of Language and Culture on Technical Communication in Japan,” with John R. Kohl et al., Technical Communication, 40 (January 1993), 62-73
  • “Technological Innovation and Technical Communications: Their Place in Aerospace Engineering Curricula. A Survey of European, Japanese and U.S. Aerospace Engineers and Scientists,” with Thomas Pinelli et al., European Journal of Engineering Education, 16.4 (1991), 337-351
  • “Technical Communication in the International Workplace,” with Rebecca O. Barclay, Thomas E. Pinelli, John M. Kennedy, and Myron Glassman, Technical Communication 38 (August 1991), 324-335
  • “Advanced Writing Courses and Programs” (with Ray Wallace), in Teaching Advanced Composition: Why and How, ed. Katherine H. Adams and John L. Adams (Portsmouth, N.H.: Boynton/Cook, 1991), 89-100
  • “Internships in Technical Communication: Their Creation, Maintenance, and Rewards” (with David Armbruster, Candace Soderston, Lottie Applewhite, Roger Grice, Victoria Mikelonis, and Freda Stohrer), in Internships in Technical Communication, ed. William O. Coggin. ATTW, 1989, 1-19
  • “The Establishment of Rhetoric” (with Linda Bensel-Meyers), Journal of Advanced Composition 8 (September 1988), 41-49
  • “Technical Communication in the Information Economy,” in Ben W. McClelland and Timothy R. Donovan, eds., Perspectives on Research and Scholarship in Composition (MLA, 1985), 203-213
  • “Audience Analysis and Adaptation” (with Marilyn Barnes-Ostrander), in Michael G. Moran and Debra Journet, eds., Research in Technical Communication (Greenwood Press, 1985), 163-92
  • “Using Toulmin Logic in Business and Technical Writing Classes” (with Kitty Locker), in W. Keats Sparrow and Nell Ann Pickett, eds., Technical and Business Communication in Two-Year Programs (NCTE, 1983) 103-110
  • “Language Lateralization and Writing: A Selective Annotated Bibliography,” The CEA Critic, 44 (1981), 17-24
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  • “Teaching Toulmin Logic,” Teaching English in the Two-Year College, 3 (Spring 1979), 193-198.
Michael L. Keene

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