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Hooman Saeli

Hooman Saeli

Hooman Saeli
Lecturer, Director of ESL

Lecturer, Director of ESL

1105 McClung Tower


Director of the ESL Program


  • Ph.D. in TESL/Linguistics, Department of English, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, USA; August 2011-May 2016.


Book Chapters

  • Saeli, H. (forthcoming). “Inflectional morphemes in Persian address terms: A sociolinguistic analysis.” In A. Korangy & F. Sharifian (eds.), Persian linguistics in cultural contexts: Routledge studies in linguistics. New York City, NY: Routledge.
  • Saeli, H., & Miller, C. (2018). “Some linguistic indicators of sociocultural formality in Persian.” In A. Korangy & C. Miller (eds.), Trends in Persian and Iranian linguistics (pp. 163-182). New York City, NY: Mouton de Gruyter.
  • Miller, C., & Saeli, H. (2016). “Second-level pluricentrism in Tehran.” In R. Muhr, K. E. Fonyuy, Z. Ibrahim, & C. Miller (eds.), Pluricentric languages and non-dominant Varieties worldwide: Pluricentric languages across continents – features and usage (pp. 191-204). New York City, NY: Peter Lang Publishing.
  • Saeli, H., & Mirshahidi, S. (2013). “Awarding admissions and scholarships.” In G. Halleck (ed.), English composition simulations (pp. 27-44). Dubuque, IA: Kendal Hunt.

Journal Articles

  • Saeli, H., & Cheng, A. (forthcoming). “Student writers’ affective engagement with grammar-centered written corrective feedback: The impact of (mis)aligned practices and perceptions.” Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics.
  • Saeli, H., Dalman, M., & Rahmati, P. (forthcoming). “How do learners engage with oral corrective feedback on lexical stress errors? Effects of learner engagement on the working of corrective feedback.” Australian Review of Applied Linguistics.
  • Saeli, H., & Cheng, A. (in press). “Effects of L1 writing experiences on L2 writing perceptions: Evidence from an English as a foreign language context.” Reading & Writing Quarterly.
  • Saeli, H. (2019). “Correction timing: Does it impact teacher explicit oral feedback?” Journal of Second Language Pronunciation, 5, 49-71.
  • Saeli, H. (2019). “Teachers’ practices and students’ preferences: Grammar-centered written corrective feedback in Iran.” in English Language Pedagogy, 7, 46-70.
  • Saeli, H. (2019). “An English-for-specific-purposes motivated analysis of corporate sustainability reports: An analysis of text and context.” Corporate Communications, 24, 456-470.
  • Saeli, H. (2018). “Tehrani people’s attitudes toward accented Persian: Impact of gender, age, and education level.” International Multilingual Research Journal, 12, 237-254.
  • Saeli, H. (2018). “Drafted writing assignments: Why are they not used in Iranian EFL contexts?” The Journal of Asia TEFL, 15, 445-452.
  • Saeli, H. (2016). “Persian favor asking in formal and informal academic contexts: The impact of gender and academic status.” Pragmatics, 26, 315-344.
  • Saeli, H. (2016). “Intergroup language attitudes in Tehran: Tehrani and Jonoub Shahri Tehrani.” Sociolinguistic Studies, 10, 405-430.

Professional Service

  • Reviewer for Language Teaching Research
  • Reviewer for Pragmatics
  • Reviewer for International Journal of Intercultural Relations
  • Reviewer for Mouton de Gruyter series on Trends in Persian and Iranian Linguistics
  • Reviewer for Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Conference Proceedings

Conference Presentations

  • How do Iranian EFL learners engage with oral corrective feedback on lexical stress errors? Effects of learner engagement on the working of corrective feedback. (2019). Paper to be presented at Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT); Flagstaff, AZ.
  • L1 writing experiences and L2 writing perceptions: Is there a relationship? (2019). Paper to be presented at SSLW; Tempe, AZ (with An Cheng).
  • Intergroup language attitudes in Tehran: Why is Jonoub-Shahri Tehrani still stigmatized? (2019). Poster presented at GURT; Washington, D.C.
  • Oral corrective feedback timing: The case of an Iranian EFL context. (2018). Paper presented at PSLLT; Ames, IA.
  • Iranian EFL students’ affective engagement with WCF: Impact of L1 student identities. (2018). Paper accepted at Symposium on Second Language Writing (SSLW); Vancouver, BC, Canada.
  • The construct of fluency in a domain-specific test: The case of international teaching assistants. (2018). Paper presented at AAAL; Chicago, IL (with Shahriar Mirshahidi).
  • Revisiting politeness in light of Persian favors. (2018). Paper presented at GURT; Washington, D.C. (presented by Corey Miller).
  • Correction timing: Does it affect teacher oral feedback? (2017). Paper presented at ACTFL; Nashville, TN.