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Internships and Part-Time Jobs

Internships are a valuable way to gain real-world experience in your chosen field. They give you material to add to your resume, tangible experience to discuss in cover letters and interviews, and a foot in the door with professionals in your industry. Internships show future employers that you are serious about the work that you do and can bring previous work experience to their organization.

Students can now receive course credit for some internships through ENGL 493.

Below is a list of local and national internship and job opportunities for English majors.

UTK Internships

Publishing & Entertainment Internships

Technical Writing Internships

Nonprofit Internships

Misc. Internships and PT Jobs

Other University and Local Resources

  • College and Industry Specific Job Resources: This site lists current job opportunities organized by field including arts, education, nonprofit, media, communications, and more.
  • ConnectUT: Connect UT is a social media platform exclusively for UT alumni to connect, network, and mentor current and former students. 
  • Alliance for Better Nonprofits Career Center: Looking for a full or part-time job working with nonprofits in the Knoxville area? Be sure to check out the current job calls listed here.

Interviews with Alumni

Many of our undergraduate alumni have completed internships which went on to help them in the professional world. Below you can read interviews with those alumni and learn how their time working with university, nonprofit, and other local internships helped shape their career path.

Photograph of Tori Finklea smiling in a black and white top.

A Conversation with Tori Finklea

“There’s lots of places that need the skills that you gain in an English degree. Everybody’s journey is different. Your path is yours, so don’t give up and don’t change yourself, because the things that you learn are important and valuable.”

Read more.

Ayesha Ahmed smiles while wearing a red head scarf.

A Conversation with Ayesha Ahmed

“The critical thinking skills I learned in English formed a symbiotic relationship with my biology courses since the skills from English classes were easily transferable.”

Read more.

A Conversation with Lena Shoemaker

“My concentration was creative writing, and I never would have expected that I would end up doing science writing and technical writing!”

Read more.

Black and white picture of Taryn Zavalin smiling.

A Conversation with Taryn Zavalin

“My internship helped me get my start as a professional writer; it was the first step in my decade long career.”

Read more.