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Education Careers

English teaches essential skills like connection, empathy, and creative thinking…

English majors change lives and give back to their communities as educators in the K-12, higher ed, and private sectors. Education majors can choose from any of our concentrations: Literature, Creative Writing, Rhetoric and Composition, or a blend of all three in a customized course of study. Whether it’s a course in Modernism (421 or 436), Medieval Literature (402), Poetry Writing (363) or Pedagogical Grammar for ESL teachers (477), they immerse themselves in the study of language, literature, and writing to help inspire and shape the next generation of students.

Interviews with Alumni in the Field

Jason Smith

Law Professor Jason Smith’s Beginnings as a UT English Major

“Attorneys are storytellers”: Smith shares four ways English is an advantageous precursor to law and education


“I talk a lot to my students about a basic narrative structure like conflict, climax, and resolution, or beginning, middle, and end because attorneys deal with all sorts of facts that come from different areas. It’s a complete jumble. Part of our job is to organize those facts and put them in a coherent narrative.”

—from an interview with law professor Jason Smith (’04)