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MLB Player and English Major R.A. Dickey Talks about Why English Was His Choice

Dickey says the ability to communicate well leads to success, and it’s a skill he says he got from his time spent as an English major at The University of Tennessee.

R.A. Dickey

R.A. Dickey gives his pitch on why English is the path to success, in any endeavor. As a student he played baseball for the university and was an English major. He says “when you major in English you’re inviting depth into your life in a way that will really mature you as a human being. It will help you have empathy for the world around you. It will motivate you to really dive into the culture around you in a way that can impact other people and make a difference.” Take a listen.

R.A. Dickey joins English professor Chris Hebert to talk books, baseball, and UT.

In 2017, R.A. Dickey visited UT to talk about his experiences and career with Chris Hebert, associate professor of Creative Writing in the English department, to an audience at the Carousel Theater.