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English Majors

Welcome to the English major at the University of Tennessee. We are delighted that you are here to read, write and work with us.

English is a major that turns doing what you love into the key to your future. English trains you in the interpretive and communication skills necessary to flourish in a rapidly changing society, a globalized culture, and an increasingly information-based, text-saturated economy.

outdoor classroomThe English Department offers a rich array of courses. Students learn the broad contours of the field and have the opportunity to concentrate in their areas of special interest, including Creative Writing; Literature, Criticism and Textual Studies; Rhetoric and Writing; and Technical Communication. Our faculty is committed to education inside and outside the classroom. Faculty members regularly win college or university-wide teaching and advising awards. They also have vibrant scholarly agendas and distinguished records of research, and they bring the latest intellectual, creative, and professional developments to their classrooms.

Enrollment in most courses is limited to thirty students (some have enrollments as low as fifteen or twenty). UT’s English classes are marked by the exchange of ideas and by an intimate process of learning. Instructors come to know their students, participate in their growth, and work closely with their writing.


English majors can choose from four concentrations:

Or they can create an Individualize Program Concentration


Use this English major curriculum checklist to ensure you have the correct prerequisites and number of hours to complete your degree.

Undergraduate Resources

Information about Careers for English Majors