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Kristi Maxwell's That Our Eyes Be Rigged Published

That Our Eyes Be Rigged Published: Kristi Maxwell’s most recent book of poetry, That Our Eyes Be Rigged, was published in October 2014, by Saturnalia. Here’s a description of the book from the publisher’s website:

Playful, penetrating, and often operating by aural law, the poems in That Our Eyes Be Rigged take shape as one word quickly transforms into another via sonic slippages. These fluid transformations simultaneously reveal the worlds within a word and build correspondences between unlikely terms—highlighting the very notion of exchange between the linguistic and the physical realm. Maxwell’s poems are both generous and demanding. While the operating intelligence behind the poems incessantly questions how one makes a life in language (and vice versa), the poems themselves enact arrangements that might make such pathways possible. These restless and inventive poems provide feats of language that lead us to agree with Maxwell’s speaker when she says: Our awe is our confession.

Poet Matthias Svalina wrote: “Its language & images delight, while its complexity requires us to attempt that joyous & awful work of actively making sense out of the sap & logic of ‘perhaps.’”

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