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“In Our Own Words”: Olivia Hysinger Discusses Her Experience in Dr. Anderson’s “Coffeehouse” Course

My experience in Dr. Anderson’s English 411 class has been so wonderful! The class has really demonstrated the “hands-on” side of being an English major, and it changed my entire perception of the program. The class is deemed the “Coffeehouse” class because once every three weeks we meet at The Golden Roast with a small group to discuss literature in a setting that would be similar to something actually found in the 18th century. By putting ourselves in the shoes of individuals from the time period that we are studying, I feel as if we are able to better understand the context for all of the material that we’ve been working with throughout the entire semester. Plus, who doesn’t love the opportunity to drink coffee and discuss great literature at 9 in the morning with some great friends? I’ve definitely been thankful for the opportunity to take such a unique and interesting class! Overall I have learned more about myself, as well as literature, which is the beauty of the English program here at UT. This class was definitely the highlight of my Fall semester, and I can’t wait to see what else the English department has in store.

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