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English 398: Junior-Senior Honors Seminar Topic Application Deadline Extended till 4/21

The topic for Fall 2014’s Junior-Senior Honors Seminar (English 398) is American Autobiography: Origins, Development, and Fulfillment.  The seminar will be taught by Dr. Michael Lofaro.  Here is a brief description of the course:

In this seminar, we will explore the interrelationships of diverse ground-breaking autobiographical texts to examine the American personal narrative as an emergent genre.  We will deal with classic colonial captivity narratives, best-selling 19th-century frontier narratives, and canonical texts that highlight what would come to be called the American Dream, but will do so from the perspectives of race, gender, and power, to allow us to analyze the development of autobiographical modes suited to or resistant to the ideals of a pluralistic nation in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Students pursuing Honors in English must: (1) complete a total of 12 credit hours of English honor courses of which 6 should be English 398 and English 498; (2) earn an A or B in English 398 and 498; (3) have a 3.25 overall GPA or better; (4) have a 3.5 or better GPA in the major.

Students who take 398 are not required to continue on with 498. Please note that this section of 398, if it is not used to fulfill the “Special Topics” requirement, may be petitioned to count for the English major requirement for 1660-1900 literature.  Applications for English 398 are due by Monday, 4/21, and can be found online at

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