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Congratulations to the Department of English’s Chancellor’s Award Winners


The Chancellor’s Honors Banquet is held each spring to recognize students, faculty, staff and friends of the University of Tennessee for their extraordinary achievements.  The Department of English wish to congratulate our 2016 Chancellor Award Winners:  Kali Mobley, who won the Graduate Student Teaching Award, Heather Hirschfeld, who was given the award for Excellence in Teaching, and Anthony Welch, who received the Alumni Outstanding Teacher Award.  You can read what the Chancellor’s Honor Program said about these outstanding teachers below.


The Graduate Student Teaching Award honors graduate student excellence in instruction.

Kali Mobley is a doctoral candidate in rhetoric, writing, and linguistics. Her excellent teaching reviews have prompted her more experienced colleagues to take their own notes about tips to improve their courses. She works to create community in the classroom and presents ideas so that they are accessible to all levels. She was appointed assistant director of the Writing Center and tutor trainer for first-year graduate students, a position the department entrusts to their best tutors and teachers.  2016 Graduate Teaching Award

The Excellence in Teaching Award is bestowed by the Office of the Chancellor and the Teaching Council of the Faculty Senate to honor outstanding work in the classroom.

Heather Hirschfeld’s student-centered teaching practice “grows out of the belief that original, creative insights about centuries-old texts are uniquely available to the students who populate [her] courses, both majors and nonmajors alike, and that [she has] much to learn from them.” Students praise Hirschfeld for her expertise in the field of Renaissance literature and for her contagious enthusiasm, which they feel plays a central role in making the sometimes difficult material accessible to them. One English major remarked that she “was inspired to try to match [Hirschfeld’s] intellect.”  2016 Excellence in Teaching Award

The Alumni Outstanding Teacher awards are bestowed by the UT Alumni Association to recognize teaching excellence.

Anthony Welch, associate professor of English, seeks ways to maintain relationships with his students outside the classroom. He has organized widely popular marathon oral readings and orchestrated a study abroad course in Stratford and London. Welch is a specialist in English Renaissance literature, particularly works written between 1500 and 1700. He brings a learned and engaging presence to the classroom. His students cherish his ability to make difficult texts and their rich historical contexts come to life in sophisticated and imaginative ways. A student wrote, “He brings a fresh, lively outlook to the material he teaches. He has a captivating voice, he does more work for the class than any other teacher I’ve ever had, and he makes slightly dry material very entertaining and extremely thought-provoking. I wish I could stay at UT another year just to take more classes with him.”   UTK Honors Banquet, Alumni Outstanding Teacher Award

Extraordinary Professional Promise honors are awarded to undergraduate and graduate students who demonstrate professional promise in teaching, research or other contributions.  Undergraduates Jasmine Jones and Grace Rotz both received Extraordinary Professional Promise Awards.

Extraordinary Academic Achievement honors are awarded to undergraduates who exhibit extraordinary scholarship.  Undergraduates Racheal MacLean and Megan Faust both received Extraordinary Academic Achievement Awards.



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