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Chancellor’s Honors Students Present Research at EURēCA

On April 17 at the Hodges Library, nearly 300 Chancellor’s Honors students in English 298 presented their research as part of this year’s Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement (EURēCA). EURēCA is sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research within the Office of Research and Engagement (ORE) and individual colleges across campus.

English 298 students participated in one of two divisions. The top three posters from each English 298 section were entered in the official judging division. The remaining students judged each other and were eligible to win one of four student choice awards.

The poster presentations for the official judging division were judged by Randi Marie Addicott, Heather Akers, Brad Bannon, Robin Barrow, Marcel Brouwers, Lance Dean, Elizabeth Gentry, Tawnysha Greene, Kristina McCue, Samantha Murphy, Harry Newburn, Robin Nicks, Hannah Soblo, Lauren Specht, and Kimberly Turner.



1stplace: “Teacher and Student Perceptions of Online Versus Traditional Courses,” Joelle Marie Jarjoura

(Instructor: Lance Dean)

2ndplace: “Carbon Contamination in Electron Microscopy,” Robert Jackson Spurling

(Instructor: Lance Dean)

3rdplace: “Exigence and Justifications of Altruistic Lies in Medicine: A Qualitative Study,” Zoe Anne Carter

(Instructor: Marcel Brouwers)


Student Choice Awards:

“Perception of Toxic Masculinity Amongst College-Aged Men,” Allison D Clark

(Instructor: Robin Nicks)

“From the Cradle to College: How Parenting Styles Affect Student Academic Performance,” Evan Paul Mahaffey

(Instructor: Robin Nicks)

“The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on the Doctor-Patient Relationship,” Justin Lee Pritchett

(Instructor: Harry Newburn)

“The Effects of Biodiversity on Ecosystem Health and the Global Implications of Biodiversity Loss,” Bryce Wade

(Instructor: Robin Barrow)


Congratulations to our winners!


*Pictures by Coralyn Foults

English 298 Students

English 298 StudentsEnglish 298 Students


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