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English as a Minor

An English Minor can be a valuable contribution to your education and your eventual success. It only requires 5 upper-division English courses, and gives you an opportunity to work more intensively on understanding culture while honing your communication and research skills. Skills like these are important to informed citizenship--also, employers are on the lookout for people who have them.

You can declare an English minor here.

English Minor in Technical Communication

An English minor with an emphasis in technical communication is a useful add-on to any field in which writing and communicating is an important part of your job--which is nearly all of them.

The requirements are slightly more specific than a general English minor. The five courses you take should be organized this way:

at least three courses in technical communication (chosen from 360, 460, 461, 462, 466, or any special topics course being offered in technical communication);

one course in expository writing, argumentative writing, language, rhetoric, or another technical communication course (chosen from 355, 357, 360, 371, 372, 455, 460, 461, 462, 466, 470, 471, 472, 484, 485, 495, 496); and

one other 300- or 400-level English course.

For more information about minoring in English, contact Professor Heather Hirschfeld, Director of Undergraduate Studies, at